The Promise a Garden Holds

“Promise.” That’s what she called the withered looking strawberry plant as she gingerly opened its brittle roots and fanned them across the luscious topsoil she had lovingly prepared for it.


She saw past its dry, ugly roots and joyfully focused on the minuscule, tender shoot that represented so much hope to her. She knew it was a shoot longing to prosper in the warm sun, rich dark soil, and refreshing water she was going to provide for it.


How broken and ugly we must somedays appear. But God knows the promise we hold. He knows in our feeble, unpromising state we can prosper because we are the work of HIS hands. He knows we can thrive, despite our own shortcomings, because HE has planted us. He knows the “promise” we hold that will, in the end, bring him glory.

I’ll keep you posted on the strawberry patch; we’ll see if these withered roots can produce ripe berries. But in the meantime, I’m thankful God has planted me so lovingly in a new home that gives such joy and thankful for a daughter who reminded me, while planting our garden together, that even on my most fragile days I do hold great promise. Because God says I am “the branch of his planting, the work of his hands, that He might be glorified.” Isaiah 60:21


First of all, take heart if your baby plants look less-than desirable. It amazed us how dead and lifeless ours looked yet within just a week in the ground showed tiny new growth and promise. (You do have to look hard still for it, but it’s there.) Also, be sure to plant the rows far enough apart that you will be able to walk between them without squashing the juicy berries on the mature plants. We placed the rows about 3 feet apart. Prepare your soil with rich compost then gently fan the tiny plant’s roots out, to cover the little mound you’ve prepared for them. Do be very gentle though, they are as brittle as they look. But there is life in the tiny hair roots, so be sure to not tear them. As the plants grow, keep the weeds under control by spreading lawn clippings between the rows.

Once we have a crop worthy of making freezer jam, we’ll share our recipe!

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