When a Crumb is Like a Stone

Discovering Cookie was a huge excitement on our little New England farm last month. The next gray tree frog sighting was just as monumental, albeit, well a Crumb of a Cookie…


He was amazingly docile and calm, only jumping out of her hand a few times but, for the most part, letting her hold him and inspect him closely. I felt I was witness to a Frog Whisperer at work. In reality, I think his placidness was because gray tree frogs are nocturnal, and it was mid-day. She quickly, but only half-heartedly, determined we couldn’t keep Cookie Crumb for even an hour because it would be quite difficult to find food so minuscule for him.


We knew, from Our Backyard Book ID page she made all about gray tree frogs, he eats crickets and mealworms. Having none of those so tiny around the farm, she decided he had to do his own grocery shopping.

But Cookie Crumb’s brief visit was a wonderful reminder that even the stones and the tiniest of God’s creation cries out His praises. Jesus told the Pharisees that if we don’t sing His praises, His creation will. This little guy will grow up to sing a beautiful song. (She helped me make the link so you could hear it too.) His crooning will be just one more tiny reminder of God’s immense goodness on our incidental farm that sits at the bend, where the lake meets the river, in rural New Hampshire.

We made sure every sister got to coo over him, we wished him well, we reminded him to stay nearby and treat us with his lovely serenade next spring, then we let Cookie Crumb go. Until we meet again.

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones [and frogs] will cry out.” Luke 19:40


If you’d like to ID an amphibian in your own neck of the woods, feel free to use this blank amphibian ID page to help you get started.

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