Investigating. Admiring. Worshiping.

A fascination with creation will never grow old.

A child will be mesmerized by creation for a lifetime if they are immersed in nature investigations at a young age. She, 15 short years ago, became entranced by a caterpillar inching its way along our patio. By the age of three, she had a butterfly themed birthday and become an expert at correctly netting butterflies, caring for them long enough to name and ID them, then set them free.

Whenever she discovered beautiful wings in a field or parking lot, she would identify and learn all about the moth or butterfly they had belonged to, and we would preserve what she had learned in Our Backyard Book.


She went on to love reading about all things nature. Non-fiction books about anything nature were always her favorites, knowing the nature section at the library and reading every easy reader they had on shelf about insects, birds, and all things ocean.

Today, my one who longs to become a Marine Mammalogist still thrills at capturing tadpoles to care for and watch them loose their tails, gain their legs and lungs, and explore creation as a new creature. To the point that it seemed completely natural to her to walk out of church one summer sunday, walk to the pond with the elementary kids, and show them the right way to catch a tadpole. After parents had beckoned young ones, after the parking lot was empty, she was still at pond’s edge. Investigating. Admiring. Worshiping the creator in the same wonderful way she has since toddler days.

Worshiping Him by simply enjoying His creation.


 “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” Romans 1:20


Over the past decade, I’ve encouraged and helped my daughters to keep Our Backyard Book, fostering their desire to know their Creator more intimately by admiring His creation. There’s a blank ID page about amphibians on a previous post.

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