5 Simple Steps to Drying Herbs in a Paper Bag

As I jammed the plant stems into brown paper bags, I doubted my attempt at drying herbs would be fruitful. But when late-summer nights ushered in chilly thoughts and earlier evenings, I knew I had to do something with my daughters’ plethora of herbs before Frost made them worthless with her silver-coated, suffocating touch.

drying herbs in a paper bag

I’m not surprised that I hesitated at my endeavors. I often allow feelings of inadequacy to hold me back. But now, three weeks later, the jars of aromatic greenery standing in my cabinet, diligently waiting to be used, bring me satisfactory joy. I even find myself–can I say this without sounding too weird?–sneaking a peek at them every so often, or unscrewing a lid just to let the calming smell permeate my kitchen.

I have most definitely found a new autumn ritual—the process was that effortless. In fact, this may have been the easiest endeavor I’ve tackled since our family started our homesteading journey 5 short seasons ago. (I’ll be honest, even though it is rewarding and gratifying, this homesteading thing is not easy. I’m amazed at how much time everything takes, from the birth cycle of rabbits to the molting cycle of chickens. Raising food from farm to table is a never-ending, tedious process that develops great patience and appreciation for every bite.) But I harvested, dried, cut, and stored 3 jars of herbs in way less time than it would take me to drive to the store and buy them. (I should add a disclaimer that we live 11 miles from the nearest traffic light, so my drive to the store is a little longer than average.)

I spent $2.99 for 3 jars of amazingly aromatic fresh dried herbs.

Drying Herbs in mix and match jars

Turning over the rocky New England soil? Not so easy. Figuring out the best day in spring to plant a productive garden in the short New England growing season? Not so easy. Keeping the chicks out of the garden? Not so easy.

Drying Herbs despite the hens

But drying herbs? Piece of cake.

I’m excited to be sharing the 5 Simple Steps to Drying Herbs on Proverbial Homemaker today. Take a peek… you’ll be surprised how amazingly easy it is to grow and preserve your own spices.

Oh, and find out on today’s post on Proverbial Homemaker what my audacious colonial-style baker does with the dried herb stems when she has soup simmering.

drying herbs for soup over the fire

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. Isaiah 1:19

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