Making a Family Thankful Tree

It’s definitely time. I need to venture into the barn attic and bring down the makings for our family thankful tree.

thankful tree

I know it’s time for our thankful tree to grace our carriage house walls again.

The signs of pending November are shouting with insistence that I give in and prepare for winter. So many leaves around our homestead have given up their grip on autumn, now offering the chickens a brittle brown carpet to scratch in for their daily treats.


My high-school sweetheart and I have walked the property marking the maples worthy of taping for sap this winter.

things to be thankful for

The garden is barren, except for lonely bushes of broccoli that are still providing a fresh veggie snack every so often.

thankful tree

And the apples have all been picked.

apple picking and thankful tree

But it’s more than the signs of a pending November that have me longing for our Family Thankful Tree. Truth is, I’ve felt like I’m more incapable than usual the last few weeks.

For one thing, Scout’s empty field is a continual reminder of my most recent homesteading failure. Our sweet little Holstein is a 10-minute drive down the dirt road, staying in a neighbor’s field, on a 6-week vacation with their bull.

But much heavier on my heart is my distance from my parents as Mom prepares this morning to start her cancer treatment. She’ll go into a doctor’s office and wait for six hours while a conundrum of medicines slowly pump through her veins. She’ll sit and watch the leaves that are blowing outside, the news announcers on a big TV screen who are spewing political analysis, and the others around her who are fighting similar demons; and I will be sitting 400 miles away, completely helpless. But I will also sit with a thankful heart. Yes, I am thankful to serve an omni-potent God who has given me many promises to cling to and words of hope that sustain me. And I am thankful that I have a paper tree, painted on a brown roll of paper, tucked under the eaves of my barn attic, waiting to be filled with reminders of the overwhelming blessings I have to be thankful for.

My friend Tauna, of Proverbial Homemaker, asked me months ago if I would write a post for today about our Family Thankful Tree. How perfectly timed by God’s loving, omniscient hand that this was the very morning I would need a physical, painted reminder of His goodness. So please glance at my post on Proverbial Homemaker, where I’m also sharing a free printable to get your family started on this wonderful Thanksgiving tradition, while I go uncover and hang a joyous paper tree in our carriage house.


For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

thankful tree

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