Being raised on a farm…

Being raised on a farm affects one profoundly. Being raised on a farm is so acutely part of my dad that his boyhood experiences surface now and again–long after the boy has left the farm–as a personality trait. Farm life is a fiber of his being that sinks down to his achy knees and runs through the weathered veins in his hands, inspiring his knees to painfully plod down hills on the farm and his hands to joyfully cup fresh eggs on any chance he can get.

being raised on a farm

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A Big Fat Mistake

I make mistakes. A lot of them.


Sometimes I wear a brown belt with black shoes and don’t even notice.

Last week I went to a dentist appointment and didn’t notice I had duck poo smeared on my boots until I propped them up on the end of the long, vinyl dental chair. Truth.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.59.14 PM

The mistake I made with my rooster


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Training My Dog to Like My Birds (5 simple steps)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.01.53 AM

My sweet labradoodle is the smartest, most loyal dog I’ve owned. His loyalty is deeper than deserved.

But training my dog to like my birds? For that I do deserve some credit.

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Train Your Dog to be Chicken-Friendly

Some days homesteading is oh-so-hard. If you’re trying to train a dog to be off leash around free-ranging chicken or ducks, you may feel you’re facing an insurmountable challenge.  I can’t promise success, but I can offer hope. It probably won’t be easy. It probably won’t be quick.

But you’re a homesteader. You never expect quick or easy. You know good things require hard work. So read on…

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Ten fowl facts

Last summer, our first on our new homestead, we turned over gardens and planted vegetables and fruit trees. As we approach our second summer, she has adopted new additions to our farm. And I have learned fascinating fowl facts the past few weeks that they’ve been a part of our family.

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The beginning of my homestead journey

She’s a novice, but already quite knowledgable. As the frigid winter months trudged along, she taught me most of what I know about the topic of homesteading. And now that we are blessed with delicious fresh eggs daily, we love making homemade egg soufflé the way Great Grandmom used to make it. For that amazing recipe, read on…



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