How to Enjoy Learning About Slimy Amphibians


I’m learning to enjoy a lot of things these days that are… well… pretty unenjoyable.

Cow patties, for example.

They smell awful.

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What Defines an Opulent Home?

How to increase your home's value

Would you like to increase your home’s value? In your own eyes? In the eyes of your children? Surprisingly, all that’s sometimes needed is a little distance…

There’s a story I love to tell about the house with golden windows. (I’m not just a crazy chicken lady and homesteading homeschool mom; I’m also a professional storyteller, so I have a few stories tucked away that tend to spill out sporadically. )

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By Faith, Till the Work is Done

How is Easter like Life on a Farm?

It seemed odd to me that our farm’s one-year anniversary fell on Easter Sunday. Almost sacrilegious. Easter: my most treasured holiday, filled with priceless memories.

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Training My Dog to Like My Birds (5 simple steps)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.01.53 AM

My sweet labradoodle is the smartest, most loyal dog I’ve owned. His loyalty is deeper than deserved.

But training my dog to like my birds? For that I do deserve some credit.

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Nativity scenes need muddy cows and red dragons


We released the ceramic animals from their blocks of styrofoam and arranged them under a rustic wooden stable. She had helped me with this coveted chore–unboxing the nativity scene–every December that she remembers. She was aiding me over a decade ago, when her sweet, pudgy fingers gave me no assurance that a sheep wouldn’t be dropped or a shepherd’s staff broken. Small, unsteady hands handling them through the years resulted in today’s precariously super-glued donkey legs and chipped Wise Men urns.

This nativity scene has been a cherished part of every one of her childhood Christmases (even those she can’t remember); she’s adored the characters, handled the animals, and cried over pieces when her eagerness led to their brokenness. So her words would have caught me off guard, except, I had already been thinking the same thing.

“Ya know, it’s all kinda…  weird. I mean it’s not right.”


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5 Simple Steps to Drying Herbs in a Paper Bag

As I jammed the plant stems into brown paper bags, I doubted my attempt at drying herbs would be fruitful. But when late-summer nights ushered in chilly thoughts and earlier evenings, I knew I had to do something with my daughters’ plethora of herbs before Frost made them worthless with her silver-coated, suffocating touch.

drying herbs in a paper bag

Please hop over to for all the details on drying herbs in a paper bag. Unfortunately, you’ve reached this post on an old, inactive site. But the full scoop is just a click away, either read the post by clicking here, or just click the image above.


5 Reasons We Should Tackle a Project With Our Teens

When we, as parents and teenagers together, roll up our sleeves and delve into a project around our homestead, everyone tends to be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes.

Parents and Teens working together

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Don’t Miss this Autumn Jewel: the Harvest Moon

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Or so Anton Chekhov wrote. I’m reminded of the quote as I scratch “Harvest Moon” on a Sunday square of the calendar.

Harvest Moon 2015

As a writer, I wholeheartedly agree with the Russian author.

As a teacher, I instruct my students to interrogate all of their readers’ senses.

As a New Englander, looking forward to the approaching Harvest Moon that will bathe our homestead in cool, penetrating splendor in the crisp autumn stillness, I have to rephrase Chekhov’s truism.

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