Whoopie Cookies You Can Make Tonight

Warning: whoopie pie history and recipe and all the can’t-resist calories that accompany this knowledge follow below.

Whoopie pie history and recipe

A few nights ago I wanted something chocolate. (Who am I kidding? That’s every night.) She wanted something decadent. But neither of us wanted to spend long in the kitchen, because we had all christened the evening “Family Game Night in Front of the Fire,” and we were eager to get the cards dealt.

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5 Simple Steps to Drying Herbs in a Paper Bag

As I jammed the plant stems into brown paper bags, I doubted my attempt at drying herbs would be fruitful. But when late-summer nights ushered in chilly thoughts and earlier evenings, I knew I had to do something with my daughters’ plethora of herbs before Frost made them worthless with her silver-coated, suffocating touch.

drying herbs in a paper bag

Please hop over to SoulyRested.com for all the details on drying herbs in a paper bag. Unfortunately, you’ve reached this post on an old, inactive site. But the full scoop is just a click away, either read the post by clicking here, or just click the image above.


Smore Cookies

Smore cookies are my new weakness.

smore cookies

Read on to find out how to combine amore cookies with Toblerone, which is my deeply ingrained weakness. Well, who am I, thinking I can categorize my weaknesses? I have too many…

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Homemade Italian Dressing and a 4:8 Attitude

Homemade Italian dressing is always–always–in my fridge. But it didn’t used to be. In fact, I never once contemplated homemade Italian dressing until the day a double disappointment lead to this new joyous staple in my fridge, my new wish-I-had-realized-that-sooner thing.

homemade italian dressing

But if you’re reading this, you’ve reached an outdated, old site…

The recipe, and lots more details you don’t wanna miss, are right here. Please click over… I’ll see ya’ there!

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The beginning of my homestead journey

She’s a novice, but already quite knowledgable. As the frigid winter months trudged along, she taught me most of what I know about the topic of homesteading. And now that we are blessed with delicious fresh eggs daily, we love making homemade egg soufflé the way Great Grandmom used to make it. For that amazing recipe, read on…



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Savoring the Sweetness of Easter

I love Easter. The symbols of this glorious holiday of hope are endearingly meaningful. The fertile bunnies represent our abundant lives in Christ.


Miraculous eggs are befitting symbols of new life, both Christ’s resurrected life and our new lives in Him. The newest members on our homestead, who arrived just this week–the bunnies and hens–have provided great joy and bounteous, fresh eggs this Easter week.

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Freezer biscuits and other tastes along the trek

Seventeen years, and three kitchens, ago my mom had a step stool custom made for them. It fit perfectly at the end of our kitchen peninsula, so their eager little hands could reach the dough when they helped me mix cookie batter or make biscuits.


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