Amazing Pumpkin Bread

This Pumpkin Bread recipe with streusel topping might be the best pumpkin-flavored anything you make this season…


When my teen daughter (the inspiration behind our homestead) started planning this summer’s garden last winter, she sketched out a nice sized area for companion crops of corn and pumpkins. As mid-summer days reached their peak of warm sunny hours, her pumpkins stretched their limbs beautifully along the ground under the corn stalks. Long after the single sentinels of corn turned dark brown and useless, her vibrantly green pumpkin vines were still producing.

pumpkin in the garden

Her pumpkins are as varied and beautiful as they are delicious.


And our current favorite way to enjoy them is to mix up and devour this Amazing Pumpkin Bread with scrumptious streusel.

It’s extra delicious with our fresh pumpkin puree, apple sauce we canned from our bumper apple crop last fall, and–of course–farm fresh eggs. I had no idea when we started this homesteading journey just how rewarding it would be to make amazing desserts, breads–and even whole meals–from food we’ve raised right here on our own little plot of land.

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Download the recipe by clicking here or save it to Pinterest by clicking here—>


“Praise is due to you, O God, in Zion… You crown the year with your bounty.” Psalm 65

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