Beautiful imperfections

She is a female, because males only grow to 1.5.” She is 2.”  Today’s subject of writing? Cookies. Not flour and gooey chocolate chips, but yellow thighs and rough gray spots, her beloved, newest ectothermic friend. The friendship began days ago. “I found Cookies in the outdoor shower… She was chilling out, because she is nocturnal.”  Advertisements

5 Simple Steps to Grow a Garden from Seeds

My father has spent seven decades–more than seventy summers–playing in the dirt. He’s taught my daughter and me a thing or two about keeping a garden. This year, the biggest lessons we’ve learned revolve around growing a garden from seeds. In New England, a gardener must know how to lovingly court seeds on cold winter months … Continue reading 5 Simple Steps to Grow a Garden from Seeds

Photography Tips to Try With Your Child

My 12-year-old and I enjoyed learning new Photography Tips in our self-guided mini Summer Photo Challenge. She was deeply intrigued in the beginning, which revolved around a lazy July morning. I suggested we each take some pictures–a Mother/Daughter Photo Challenge–using some interesting techniques. My young author listened eagerly, immediately seeing potential for improving her blog posts. (Yes, my 12-year-old … Continue reading Photography Tips to Try With Your Child

The Fledgling

Yesterday, our usually quiet, docile fields were alive with noisy chaos. Teams of people were working to cut down trees and clear a pasture for rescued horses who need a home, a home that her baby sister is determined to provide. But amidst the chainsaws and sawzalls buzzing and branches and voices rustling, she heard the faint … Continue reading The Fledgling