Ten fowl facts

Last summer, our first on our new homestead, we turned over gardens and planted vegetables and fruit trees. As we approach our second summer, she has adopted new additions to our farm. And I have learned fascinating fowl facts the past few weeks that they’ve been a part of our family.

But you’ve reached an old page on an outdated site. To get the full scoop on these “Fowl” facts, hop over to this page or go here to pin it.





2 thoughts on “Ten fowl facts

    • Ellen, We’ve been enjoying farm-fresh eggs for about 8 weeks now, and each one is still just as amazing as our first. I’ve been told that it never gets old, and I believe it. Just a few weeks ago I enjoyed the truly magical experience of scooping the warm egg out of the nesting box right as the hen was exiting the coop. I cradled it in my hands in amazement (not because it was fragile–far from it; fresh egg shells are very durable). I felt like this delicious, nutritious treasure was just laid as a gift for me. (My daughters have taken on all chores related to the chicken and until that day had always beat me to the job of gathering an egg.) Please share your excitement with me when you too experience the joy of gathering your own fresh eggs!


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